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Glenns Self Build House

Self Build Houses - The Understanding of Self Building Your own Dream Home

You must have a self build dream. That is why you are visiting the website. Before you seriously consider self building, you must understand that self building will not be easy but at the end of the project you will have your dream home, in your desired location, built to your specification, be of high quality materials and will have cost considerably less than purchasing from a mass house builder. This self build website will guide you through the steps of self building and will point you in the direction of reputable suppliers of services and materials.

Self Build Plots of Land - How and where to find House Building Plots of Land

The start of a self build house project will always begin with the purchase of a self build plot of land. House building land is becoming a very scarce commodity, especially in the South of England, and increasingly very expensive. Do not be tempted to purchase building land that has no planning permission, there are now quite a few companies that are offering "self build plots of land" at an incredibly cheap price, but without planning permission. Subscribe to a self build plot finding service like Plotsearch and you will be able to find the best selection of building plots (with planning permission) that are available in the UK. Plotsearch Land Finding Database

Self Build Land  
Self Build Mortgages
Self Build Mortgages - Buildstore Mortgages  offers a choice of lenders to fund your Self Build Home

The Accelerator self build mortgage was launched by BuildStore in 1998 to provide self builders and renovators with positive cash flow during their home build and since then it has won the 'Your Mortgage Award' for best self build mortgage each time the award was presented. As well as providing positive cash flow the Accelerator self build mortgage incorporates many other attractive features. The amount which can be borrowed is high at 95% of the cost of the land and 95% of the cost of the house build meaning that you can secure your plot of land with a relatively small deposit. Find out more about the Accelerator Self Build Mortgage

Self Build Insurance - Essential Cover for your Building Project

If you are self building a new house or renovating an existing building, it is essential that you have adequate self build insurance during your project. In addition to protecting the cash investment of your build you also need to protect yourself against damage or injury claims from members of the public, sub-contractors or trespassers. Your project could suffer a serious setback through storm, flood,  fire, subsidence or vandalism and you should make sure that you have the cover you need to get your project back on track as quickly as possible. Self Build Insurance

Self Build Insurance

   Trade Card: free card offering access to discounted prices and improved services from big materials’ suppliers

Building Materials for the Self Builder

Membership of Trade Card offers self builders and renovators products and services at trade or discounted prices and other special benefits.

We partner with many of the UK’s top merchants, manufacturers and suppliers to offer you choice & value.   Apply for Trade Card

  Self Build Insurance
Self Build 10 Year Structural Warranty

Every new house that is built needs a 10 year structural warranty, if not you will never be able to sell your self built house because the building societies and banks will not give a mortgage on the house. The major new house builders use the NHBC for structural warranty but the NHBC structural warranty is difficult to obtain for self builders. The Build Zone warranty is tuned into the needs of the self builder and is easy to apply for. Click for more info

Timber Frame Houses - Why Self Build Timber Frame

Timber Frame Construction, in its present form, has been used throughout the Northern Hemisphere for over a century. It has been widely used in Scotland during the last 50 years and has proven to be both reliable and excellent value for money. Most domestic timber frame buildings can be erected to a watertight shell within 48 hours of delivery. The speed of erection is achieved due to the components being substantially completed in the factory and requiring only final assembly on site. Site cutting and fitting is minimal. The building is rapidly made watertight eliminating the ingress of moisture thereby reducing the chance of 'drying out' movement and shrinkage so often seen in traditional buildings.

Learn more about Self Build Timber Frame

Self Build Timber Frame House  



  Self Build JCB
Self Build Case Studies - Read about other Self Builders Homes

I apologise because the pictures used on this website are mainly my own self build. Glenns Self Build House. Like all other self builders, I am enthusiastic and like to show off my house build. By following the links, you can read some stories from other self builders. They might give you some added information to make your self build easier. Self Build Case Studies

Glenns Selfbuild House  
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